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Difference between Experimental and Descriptive Research

Research is the main part of your higher studies. But which research? Is your research descriptive, or experimental? Many researchers perform experimental research. The researchers who perform descriptive research are also not less in numbers either. So what’s the difference between both types of researches? If you’re curious about this aspect, give this article a fine read. Before moving towards differences, let’s first define both terms. Descriptive research is a qualitative approach for observing the issues in finance dissertation writing task. In fact, it can be qualitative, or quantitative. Most of the time, social science researchers conduct this study. It describes the characteristics of the group under study. The research methods of descriptive study are different from other study’s methods. In contrast, experimental research is a quantitative approach to observing the problem. It deals with numerical values as well. Most of the time, natural science researchers conduct this s