Compèring Writing Skills That You Must Need to Know

Compering Writing Skills


At some point in your life, you might have to host an event. This event can be a farewell party of the graduating class, or a tribute to war veterans. These are the types of events that demand formal, and professional speaking skills. You can compère an event if you have a written plan. You need to write a complete schedule of the whole event. It will help you throughout the event. If you fail to plan things, it can ruin the whole event. Your audience is also listening to you, so make sure to come up with better compèring skills. You should make sure to add the necessary things within your writing script. If you don’t know about compèring writing skills, you should learn. It will not only help you in hosting an event, but in your professional life as well.

This article aims to provide compèring writing skills. These are the skills that will help you in hosting an event. Let’s discuss these in detail;

Start with a good introduction:

The very first step in your compèring writing script is writing a good introduction. As a host, you should write an introduction that matches nature of the event. If you are hosting a farewell party, you can start with a good quote. You can add famous sayings of scholars. If you are hosting an event that honours war veterans, you should come up with heroic thoughts. You can start with their heroic efforts first. Then you can introduce them to your audience. So if you have written the introduction part, you have passed the first hurdle.

Welcome Note:

The next key step in anchoring the script is inclusion of a welcome note. As an anchor, you should welcome your guests with a welcome note. Apart from this, you should write some lines about welcoming the audience. According to the cheap dissertation help firm, suppose you are hosting a college farewell party; you can add the welcome note as follows;

“It is a matter of great honour to welcome the graduating class of 2021”.

If you are hosting an event that is honouring war veterans, you can add the welcome lines as follows;

“It is a matter of absolute honour to host this event. Especially because it is recognising the heroic efforts of our armed forces. As a nation, we will witness this great moment as a hero is between us.”

A welcome note will work as a hook. A hook is a type of sentence that helps you in grabbing the attention of your audience.

Calling for Speeches:

Once you have welcomed your guests, the next part is for speeches. There are always speakers who deliver speeches related to the event. At a college farewell party, students from the debating society can deliver speeches. These speeches can have different topics. Students can deliver speeches about their current, or post-academic journey. Apart from this, they can deliver funny speeches to make things memorable. In the war veteran ceremony, students can deliver speeches to honour the heroes. Once students start delivering the speeches, you can prepare for the next step. You can go through your written script. This will help you in becoming aware of the upcoming aspects.

Calling the Principal:

The very next step in your script should be that of calling the principal. At a graduating farewell party, the principal always delivers a speech. You should provide a brief introduction about him. Before calling him on the stage, you should start with an educational quote. You can tell your audience about his dedication and determination towards the field. You can tell your audience about his working experience in the educational field. Once you have provided an introduction about the principal, you can request him to come on the stage. Then he will come on the stage and deliver his speech. He will congratulate the graduating class and say something to make them motivated.

Calling Students for Performances:

It is good to appreciate the skills that students have. At the farewell party, you should recognise their skills. You can start again with some good lines. It will help your audience in knowing what is coming next. It is good to excel academically. But your skills make you stand out among other fellow students. There might be students who are good at dance. There will be students who must be good at mimicry. There will be students who will be good singers. So you should welcome them one by one. You should introduce them to your audience again. If a student is showing his mimicry skills, you should introduce him in a funny way. You should write lines according to the performances. It will help you in better managing this section of the ceremony.

Prize Distribution:

In later stages of the ceremony, there is always a prize distribution section. In this part, the dissertation writing services company can again start with some memorable lines. These lines will help you in acknowledging the efforts of hardworking students. For prize distribution, you can ask your chief guest to come on the stage. Then he/she can give prizes to students. After this, you can move towards the last segment of your event.


Thanksgiving is the last segment of your ceremony. In this part, you can thank your chief guest and fellow students. Apart from this, you can thank the management team. These are the people who worked effortlessly to make this event successful. You can thank them for their time and presence as well.


As a student, you might have to host an event. There are several things that you should remember before compèring. There is a whole format for hosting an event, and you should follow that. It will help you in hosting a good event. And if you fail to follow this, you can ruin the whole ceremony. You should make sure to start with an introduction, and a welcome note. You can ask fellow students to deliver the speeches. Later on, you can ask chief guests to come on the stage and share their views. And in the end, prize distribution and thanksgiving should be ensured.

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